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Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild Gives Players Some Fast and Exciting Action

Deuces Wild is a popular video poker variation that is played online.  It is a simple and easy game to play, as it follows the same rules that most other video poker games use. The object of the game is the same as other poker variants, and that is to get the best possible poker hand. Deuces Wild uses a standard 52 card deck. Deuces Wild video poker game has earned a substantial following due to the high-paced action involved in playing this game.

All Deuces Are Wild Cards

Deuces Wild has a twist that other poker games do not have. All Deuces count as a wild card, and therefore may replace any other card in the deck to form a winning hand. This means that if you have a pair of kings and a deuce, you can actually claim three of a kind kings as the Deuce is wild and will count as a king. This will make winning in this game a lot easier, but as a result the pay table is a bit tighter than in other video poker games.

Before beginning play you need to choose the amount of credits you want to bet on the hand you are going to play. Then you press the Deal button and the machine will deal you five cards. You have the option to hold as many of those five as you want, and this means you will keep those cards into the next betting round. If you have a pair, or any deuces in your hand, it is wise to keep them. When you have chosen which cards to keep and which to discard, press Deal again, and the new cards will appear. When the cards have been deal the second time, the betting rounds will be over, and the machine will award any prizes you may have won.

Some Hands Have Different Values

Some of the hands in Deuces Wild have a different value to the normal poker hands. The highest paying hand in Deuces Wild is the Royal Flush without a Deuce, and this hand will give you a significant payout, particularly if you have wagered the maximum amount. Four Deuces, a hand with four 2s, is the second highest paying hand. A Wild Royal Flush pays well too, and this is a Royal Flush but contains two or more Deuces. Five of a Kind, four cards of the same value plus one 2, also gives a good prize, as does a Straight Flush and a Four of a Kind hand, and a Full House. The presence of Deuces that can be used in any hand, is what makes Deuces Wild really exciting, and far more volatile than other online video poker games.

Control Buttons in Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild video poker game has different settings and options that can be controlled.  This video poker game can be played for free at most online casinos, and there are some casino apps that will grant players access to video games like Deuces Wild on mobile devices as well.

Deuces Wild video poker game is an exciting game to play, and provides a change for players who normally play the regular video poker games. Deuces Wild provides opportunities for more good hands than other games, but there is a difference in the strength of the hands you need for a good prize. Deuces Wild is suitable for players of all levels, and provides a great payout percentage to everyone.

Deuces Wild

The Deuces Wild Version of Video Poker

Deuces Wild is a well-known video poker variant. There are numerous types of Deuces Wild, players should make sure that they are aware of all the nuances and odds changes they may be facing if they are going to play for real money. All video poker games are available for free play, and this mode is ideal for practice and fine-tuning strategy.

In playing Deuces Wild, the first item to consider is that the number 2 cards, also known as the deuces, are wild, and can substitute for any other card apart from another deuce. The most common type of video poker game is Jacks or Better and this is often the game players start with. Any video poker player worth their salt will also know that using game strategy effectively makes a big difference to the winnings in this game.

Important Game Strategy Changes

The game strategy changes that need to be effected when playing Deuces Wild are such that using Jacks or Better strategy would be seriously detrimental to winnings. In Deuces Wild, players are not rewarded for two pairs, or the usual Jacks or Better. The high hand ranking cards, the picture cards, are therefore less important, and players of Deuces Wild should concentrate more on getting one or more deuces with the fresh set of discard decisions that comes with playing video poker using a wild card.

Being dealt a wild card in the initial hand when playing Deuces Wild initiates a more complicated strategy than would be utilised in Jacks or Better. The strategy is quite sophisticated and most player support sites in this regard recommend that players print out a strategy card that can be referred to whilst playing the game. This is relatively important since the game play does not require a rapid decision, and the utilisation of the correct strategy is completely essential to making the most of the high returns to player that this game offers.

Important Hands in Deuces Wild

In terms of general video poker play, in Deuces Wild video poker the hands that are of decreased value and emphasis are three of a Kind and a Straight. These hands are paid out at even money only. The hands in Deuces Wild where players start experiencing some winning potential begin with a Flush and include the addition of a Five of a Kind hand since there are wild cards available.

The most valuable hand in this game is the Royal Flush. In Deuces Wild a Royal Flush pays out 800 coins when the wild deuces are not used, and this translates to a 4000-coin win at the maximum 5-coin stake.

Making the Most of Online Facilities

In most versions of Deuces Wild that are available at online casinos, players are offered many game settings, and this includes volume control, game speed increases and full-screen playing mode. Very importantly this intricate version of video poker will generally be offered for free at many casinos, and the most successful players will have spent time honing their strategy and skills using this facility.

Deuces Wild video poker will normally offer players the Expert Mode option to allow advanced players the auto play feature and access to ongoing game statistics. Seasoned experts will always advise using every bit of available help to assist.

Cyberstud Poker

The Highly Specific Cyberstud Poker Game

The game of poker is legendarily based on intuition and the confidence players have in their cards. Never has this been truer than for the game of Cyberstud Poker. Cyberstud Poker is an online poker game that is also part video poker game, very much like Caribbean Poker. Cyberstud Poker was developed by the major casino game development organisation Microgaming and is famously a high risk, action-filled form of the game.

Playing Cyberstud Poker

The first step in any video poker game is to set the game play options to your personal requirements. This means selecting a coin size and placing the Ante bet. Then, the player will be dealt five cards and the dealer one. All cards are face-up. Based on this information alone, players need to decide whether to fold or call.

Folding means losing the ante and the end of the game. Calling means that a Call Bet, which is double the Ante is placed on the table. The dealer now receives four more cards, and his hand is compared to yours, and the winner determined.

Winning Hands and the Dealer

In Cyberstud Poker the dealer needs a hand of at least an Ace-King to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify, then irrespective of the two poker hands that have been dealt, players receive a 1-to-1 pay-out on their Ante, and their Call Bet is returned no gain or loss involved.

If the dealer qualifies, then beating the dealer is rewarded with a 1-to-1 pay-out on the Ante, plus a video poker pay-out that is based on the value of the Call Bet and the video poker-type pay table. The pay table starts with the Ace-King and one pair, both paying 1-to-1. Three of a Kind is 3-to-1, the Straight is 5-to-1, and the Flush 9-to-1. The top hand available is the Royal Flush, which pays out 999-to-1.

The last possibility in this brief, action-laden video poker and card game is that the dealer not only qualifies but wins the hand comparison too. In this event both the Ante and Call Bet are lost.

Game Strategy is Intriguing

Cyberstud Poker strategy is a true casino players’ dream. Players need to accept that they are not going to win every single game, and should be aiming to minimise the losses while maximising the wins. Knowing when to fold, and when to call is key. Although this is difficult based on only one card out of 5, players are reminded that the game is essentially a heads-up situation and therefore should always call on a pair or better, and always fold with less than an Ace-King. Carrying and Ace-King hand is risky, but should be called if another card in your hand is a Jack or a Queen, or if the dealers’ card matches one of yours, lowering the odds on a pair turning up.

Cyberstud Poker, as presented by Microgaming, does add an additional twist in that this game is associated with a progressive jackpot. These accumulative jackpots build up some major winning possibilities and this extra attraction, the possibility of landing a Royal Flush and winning a huge jackpot, is clearly a significant playing incentive.


Classic Blackjack Gold

The Classic Blackjack Gold Series Evaluated

The Blackjack Gold Series is the new and updated version of blackjack that Microgaming have brought to online casino play. This version of the standard blackjack card game is boasts a number of improvements over the standard versions of blackjack. These improvements include super-fast game speed, deluxe graphics, carefully constructed animations and broadly flexible customization.

Classic Blackjack Gold is nevertheless merely an extension of the standard blackjack, or classic blackjack as it is played in online casinos around the world. The aim of this version of the game remains as it always was, to achieve a hand whose value is closer to 21 than that of the Dealer, without busting. True blackjack strategists will tell you the aim is purely and simply to beat the dealer.

The Basic Gameplay of Blackjack

In Classic Blackjack Gold, the game starts off with the player and the Dealer being dealt two cards. The Dealers’ cards will be one that is face-up and the other will be face-down. Blackjack is a simple game to understand and play. If the player’s hand exceeds 21 the player loses, and if the dealer’s hand goes above 21 the house loses.

One of the best features of Classic Blackjack Gold is that Microgaming offer a single deck game. When discussing and appreciating the Classic Blackjack Gold series, this is one of the most important aspects to understand, since this line of blackjack games is aimed at players who really enjoy and appreciate the game. We will therefore discuss the premium game offering.

The Importance of Basic Strategy

Before embarking on more detailed explanations of the Classic Blackjack Gold casino game series, it is vital that prospective players enhance their playing ability, and chances of success by understanding the importance of learning basic strategy.

Strategy is an important element of blackjack success. Microgaming publish charts for all the specific games in the Classic Blackjack Gold series, and can be accessed during the game for guidance as to when to split, double or hold. An Insurance bet that protects players against the Dealer landing Blackjack, pays out at 2:1 odds.

In the single deck game version of Classic Blackjack Gold, which is regarded as the pinnacle of blackjack play online, the house edge is just 0.15%. This is extraordinarily high for casino play, but players need to appreciate that the house odds increase dramatically if they play without the correct strategy. In fact, the actual winning rate in blackjack at casinos is substantially less than the theoretical rate due to player ignorance and not following basic strategy correctly.

Blackjack Playing Trends

The current trend amongst online casino players is that when playing online table and card games, players are looking for ever greater realism. Microgaming has really tried to make the Classic Blackjack Gold series as much like land-based blackjack play as possible. Graphically well-endowed, this series also has a broad bet spread, allowing players to wager between 1 and 200 coins per hand.

The Dealers rules in Classic Blackjack Gold series are that they must hit on any hard or soft total of 16 or less, that they will hit on a soft total of 17 or less, and stand on a hard total of 17 or more.

Classic Blackjack

A Classic Blackjack Synopsis

Classic blackjack is the best known version of the game of Twenty-one. Classic Blackjack is where blackjack players start, the most common and most popular version of the game. Having said that, there may still be some subtle differences between the rules and pay-out percentages between the various casinos and players should always compare sites.

In general, however, the game of classic Blackjack is played with a single standard card deck. This is the optimal situation from a players’ perspective and where the house odds are the lowest, but in practice most casinos utilise multi decks, usually between four and eight. If all the other rules in the game are the same, then increasing the number of decks in the shoe alone increases the house edge. Any exposed cards in the game will have substantially less decision-making powers.

The Development of Blackjack

In real-life casino play, the blackjack table will seat between one and seven players. In online casino play the normative situation is playing one or multiple hands alone against the dealer. Multiplayer games and well as live dealer games are becoming more and more sought at online casinos, and as virtual reality becomes more of a thing, online classic blackjack playing is become ever more like the original land-based casinos.

When playing classic blackjack, two cards are dealt to the player, and two cards to the dealer. Only one of the dealer’s cards is face down, the other face up, and this forms a guide for the players’ betting activities. The winner is the owner of the hand that matches or gets closest to 21 without exceeding it. After the deal, the player is able to request further cards, which is called hitting.

Should the player decide to remain with the cards he has, it is called standing. Obviously knowing when to hit or stand is where most of the basic strategy of classic blackjack lies. The term blackjack is used to describe a hand consisting of an ace and a picture card, or ten, which adds up to 21 exactly.

The More Detailed Rules

Classic blackjack rules allow for a player to double their bet if they receive a particularly favourable hand. Although is certain venues doubled bets is only allowed on a 9, 10 or 11, others may have restrictions on doubled bets after splitting a pair. These minor rule shifts do alter the odds, so it pays to know all the options clearly.

In classic Blackjack, the player is entitled to leave an unfavourable hand using the surrender rules. The forfeit for surrendering is losing half the bet, but there are times when players should know how to limit their losses.

Classic Blackjack a Casino Favourite

Blackjack is more than just a game of luck; the outcome depends quite heavily on the betting strategy adopted. The best players are highly versed in classic Blackjack basic strategy, and adhere to this when playing for real money. This strategy dictates the best plays for each hand dealt. Whilst using the strategy, players are not guaranteed of victory, but they can maximise all possible odds and give themselves the best chance to do so.

Everyone enjoys the game of classic blackjack. High rollers, professional casino players and beginners alike appreciate that understanding all the rules and strategies will help master the game, and potentially show a decent profit to boot.


Easy Slider

Easy Slider Online Slots from NextGen Gaming

Online slots games fans who enjoyed the cult film offering Easy Rider will be thanking their lucky stars when they discover Easy Slider, the five-reel slots machine game from the minds at NextGen Gaming. Players can get their motors running and head out on this real money highway as they begin the search for the various themed icons that are able to boost their bankrolls astronomically, taking advantage of regular bonuses in the forms of scatters; free games and themed extras like the biker chick wild and slide a wild when they do.

Players Enjoy the Easy Slide Slots Adventure

While the Easy Slider may well be no fan of The Man, but he is certainly not stupid, and players are able to join him on his quest for cash-packed adventure by means of a number of different devices, including mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Mac machine users are also able to look out for whatever comes their way along with those making use of Microsoft and Linux software.

Thanks to the backdrop depicting the image of a flaming skull and crossbones; a cool-as-ice motorbike and a soundtrack to satisfy any biker worth his or her salt, players will instantly be immersed in the quest for financial freedom Easy Slider is able to deliver.

Players Hit the Open Road to Riches

Players will be able to collect a variety of Easy Slider symbols in order to make their big money win, beginning with an assortment of numbers and letters: the nine; ten; jack; queen; king and ace are all at the ready, and locating between three and five of any of these is able to multiply stakes by between five and 100.

The themed symbols included in Easy Slider slots from NextGen Gaming include skull and crossbones patches; sunglasses and helmets, able to deliver 150 times the player’s stake in the case of the first two, and 250 in the case of the third. Players who manage to locate five other Easy Sliders during the course of the game will win a multiplication of 500 times their stake when they do.

Five of the biker chick wild symbols will multiply stakes by 500 times, and she is able to stand in for all of the other icons during play as well, except that of the scatter. This last is the image of a wheel of rubber, aflame, and finding the maximum amount of five of these will multiply stakes by 100 times. Three of the flaming wheel scatters will also trigger the 15 free game bonus rounds for players to enjoy, and all winnings accrued during this portion of play will be doubled in value.

There is also a slide a wild feature on offer, which allows players to slide a wild onto any one of the game’s reels in order to maximise his or her winnings. All of the reels pay out different amounts of money, with the first doubling the player’s stake, for example, and the fifth multiplying it by six times.



Casinomeister Online Slots by NextGen Gaming

Casinomeister is an innovative five-reel, 30-payline slots machine game from NextGen Gaming developers. It comes complete with scatters; wilds; free spins; multipliers and the chance for players to win a non-progressive jackpot and take home as many as 10 000 coins. This online slots machine game is totally compatible with Mac machines, and, since it is web-based, does not require a download from the player interested in enjoying the entertainment it offers. Players are invited to try it for free before they commit to real money play as well, and no signup process or even email address is required in order to do so.

Theme and Setting for Casinomeister Slots from NextGen

NextGen’s Casinomeister online video slot is themed after the well-known online forum that goes by the same name that advocates the fair treatment of players; online casino operators and affiliates. The rumour of this game’s existence long preceded its launch, but its resulting popularity far exceeded any hopes NextGen may have had prior to its release. The game gives a visual representation to the fight for players that both legitimate casinos and their less-than-transparent counterparts undergo each day, and the rewards are kept for those who provide fair play.

The Casinomeister reels are surrounded by a sea of green leaves, and medieval banners and warthogs are depicted along their borders. The rogue casinos responsible for so much player frustration are represented by unpleasant pigs outfitted in Gestapo jackets, and these join a no-rogue sign; accredited casino medallions; the logo for the game; a pig punished by being put behind bars; and playing card symbols which include tens; jacks; queens; kings; and aces.

The wild Casinomeister caricature is able to stand in for all regular symbols except the piggy penned behind bars; the rogue and the robot Vortran, which stands as the scatter.

The sounds which accompany Casinomeister play are not intrusive at all, and will only serve to further immerse players in the slots action unfolding before them, while the manner in which the symbols involved in winning combinations spring to life will delight players and add that much more enjoyment to the ensuing bankroll boost.

Features On Hand for Casinomeister Slots Players

In common with a number of other slots from NextGen Gaming, Casinomeister offers its players an array of features to take advantage of, including the non-progressive jackpot prize; multipliers; wild symbols; scatter icons; and free spins. Players are advised to select the bet max option whenever they can, since this optimises not just the wagers laid on each spin but the payouts possible for these as well.

The caricature bonus allows players to collect double what they normally would whenever this wild forms part of their winning combination of symbols, and Vortran the robot will trigger the bonus feature whenever a minimum of three appear on the reels. The free spins granted are unlimited, and the prizes players receive during this portion of play are tripled in value –the fun only comes to a stop when the rogue icons land, after which the player will receive only five more free spins.

Cash Stampede

Cash Stampede Slots from NextGen Gaming

Animals locked in a stampede can be one of the most frightening, awesome sights to behold, but it is one that has made those lucky enough not to simply survive it but also capture on film very wealthy –and Cash Stampede follows suit. This NextGen Gaming slots offering provides players with excellent ammunition in the fight against financial hardship with this online slots game, and players are on the hunt for charging elephants; rushing rhinos; hurrying horses; bison engaged in a mad dash and flights of antelope across the arid African plains. There are a number of bonuses available for the best cameraman or woman in the form of wilds; free spins; respins; and bonus coins as well.

Players are also able to make use of smartphones and tablets to enjoy Cash Stampede, and a steady hand can set the stakes from as little as 0.25 coins per spin.

Setting for Cash Stampede Slots by NextGen

Zoologists have a number of theories about what causes these mass charges, but NextGen requires no estimations from players who select Cash Stampede slots –an enormous thunderstorm brewing in the distance is the reason behind the rout of creatures players will be faced with. The dry plains are in sore need of the coming rains if one judges by the cracks in the landscape, and players who are able to capture the action for those not lucky enough to be there to enjoy as well will be richly rewarded for their efforts.

Symbols Available for Cash Stampede Slots by NextGen

Players will need to have their virtual cameras ready right from the Cash Stampede get-go, as the possibility of prizes landing in their laps starts from the very first spin of the reels. All five of the animals already named will pay out as much as 100 coins when players spot them on the plains. Catching them mid-rush will be far more rewarding, however, and the symbol with these words emblazoned across it has the power to stand in for all of the others in order to form winning combinations on the paylines.

When the Cash Stampede wild appears in a player’s winning payline it will also trigger the respin feature, wherein it will become sticky, and any further symbols of the same type landing will do the same, triggering more respins as they do. The more of these symbols that players are able to land, the higher their total prize will become, and three of the wild icons will also activate the free spins bonus feature, which awards a total of eight complimentary spins of the reels and keeps the sticky wilds active. Players should also keep their eyes on the golden bonus coins, as these function as the game’s scatter, and landing three of them on the second; third; and fourth will multiply players’ bets by 50 times.

There are a number of different betting options available for Cash Stampede slots from NextGen Gaming, and there are also 243 Ways to Win provided. Activating this option will only cost the player 25 credits, and the value for these credits can be anything from 0.01 to 2 coins, allowing for a bottom value of 0.25 per spin, and a maximum bet of 50.