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Wild Water

Exploring NetEnt Games’ New Wild Water Slot

Developed by one of the best software developers in the world, and boasting a game title that pretty much explains itself and gives players a rough idea of the game theme, this NetEnt slot creation will be explored in more detail in this article. If having never played this game before, by reading the following information, players will know what to expect before delving into gameplay.

On first inspection, the Wild Water slot game immediately transports players to the 60s and 70s, the era of surfing hippies and sun-loving beach bums. Think sand, sun, surf, white beaches, vintage cars and allow the retro feelings and memories of fun times on the shore wash over you as you click to venture deeper into this bright and colourful slot game.

During gameplay, players will meet up with young surfers on the reels. From a longhaired man, a young girl in a costume, an afro-haired surfer, a beach-bag carrying pretty woman and a surfer listening to a wireless old-school radio, every beach character in the game adorns different beach attire and accessories.

Playing Structure And Real Play Explored

Like most slot games from NetEnt games, this video slot features five reels with three rows. A total of 20 pay lines await players’ full activation, with the pay lines being fixed. Although having fixed pay lines may seem like a deterrence for those not of the high spender calibre, there is a plus side to having fixed pay lines in that maximum pay-outs will always be awarded in max wagering. The more pay lines activated, the more chances of winning and the larger the winnings actually become.

In-Game Factors That Set This Slot Apart

Not only do numerous in-game features of the Wild Water slot game set it apart from other similar slots, but these factors and unique elements also put this slot ahead of the other titles in the race of which game is the best in the virtual arena.

If only looking at real money play, stacked wilds, a fun bonus game called Surf’s Up, a bonus award called Surf Team, wild symbols and of course free spins all place the Wild Water slot game ahead of the slot pack.

Not only does the vast array of in-game features mentioned above create a rewarding slot, but the frequent appearances of each of these bonus features also makes this slot better than most. Frequent encounters with symbols begging to increase a player’s bankroll, as well as the frequent stacking of these symbols, is a welcoming surprise for players.

Although the whole hippie beach theme may be seen in other games, what makes the Wild Water slot game different, and better, is how well the theme is incorporated into the game and the detailed execution of every element within the design.

Detailed Aesthetics Makes This Game Better

NetEnt games also offer some of the best aesthetics craftsmanship, with every graphic or individual decoration receiving the same effort and care as any other in-game element found here. With the Wild Water slot game, the interface is simpler and cleaner, the colours are brighter, the soundtrack and effects more immersive and complementary and the overall look and feel sports a more authentic, realistic feel.

Neon Staxx Touch

Neon Staxx Touch Mobile Slot Description

A NetEnt mobile slot, Neon Staxx Touch has five reels, 40 paylines, and an 80s theme. The theme, however, does not overshadow the game’s bonus features.

The video slot has Wild and Scatter symbols, stacked symbols, and free spins. The stylised symbols and era-inspired designs are complimented by a synthesizer-driven soundtrack.

The game is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. It can be played in browser, without downloading anything, and it can be played by downloading Android and iOS apps.

Symbols on the Neon Staxx Touch Reels

The reels of Neon Staxx Touch mobile slot appear angled against an electric blue and pink background. The angle of the reels creates the impression that the symbols are moving towards the player.

The symbols that appear on the reels include futuristic animal designs such as eagles, panthers, lions, and vipers, and 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace symbols. The playing card symbols pay out lower amounts than the themed symbols.

The Wild and Scatter symbols feature abstract designs. The SuperStaxx feature is not connected to any one particular symbol.

Neon Staxx Touch SuperStaxx Feature

Neon Staxx Touch mobile slot’s SuperStaxx feature is triggered at random during the base game and during the free spins round. When the feature is triggered, it selects one of the symbols that landed on the reels.

The selected symbol will then stack up on the reels. This means it could potentially form several winning combinations.

Neon Staxx Touch Wild Symbol

The black and orange symbol emblazoned with the word Wild in pink is, quite obviously, the Neon Staxx Touch Wild symbol. It can appear during the base game and during the free spins round.

The Wild symbol can substitute itself for all the other symbols on the reels, with the exception of the Scatter symbol. It can combine with other symbols to form winning combinations.

Neon Staxx Touch Scatter Symbol

The green and pink Scatter symbol is appropriately labelled as such with pink lettering similar to the Wild. The Scatter symbol doesn’t offer its own payouts, but that doesn’t mean it is redundant.

If three or more Scatters land in any position on the reels, the slot’s free spins round will be triggered. If three symbols land, 10 free spins are awarded; if four symbols land, 15 free spins are awarded; and if five symbols land, 20 free spins are awarded.

Before the Neon Staxx Touch free spins commence, one of the higher value symbols or the Wild symbol will be selected at random to appear stacked on the reels for the duration of the free spins.

The free spins can be re-activated if three or more Scatters appear on the reels.

Playing Neon Staxx Touch

Players have the option of adjusting the Neon Staxx Touch coin value before spinning its reels. The range of denominations starts at 0.20 and ends at 5.00.

This makes for a 0.20 minimum bet per spin, and a 100.00 maximum bet per spin. Players can access the bet settings by tapping the menu on the main screen.

Neon Staxx

Neon Staxx Online Slot Celebrates Computer Graphics

NetEntertainment’s Neon Staxx slot, available at online casinos, is a title for slots fan who enjoy a retro take on futuristic graphics, with an appropriate soundtrack, that celebrates computer animation. With the 40 paylines denoted by simple dots, the five invisible reels seem to slope away from the player, against a backdrop of a wireframe computer-game landscape. In the distance, a purple electrical storm frames an angular city of the future. During free spins, this backdrop changes to a jumble of geometric purple shapes.

The game symbols continue the retro-futurism effect. Although colourful and detailed, they all take stylised geometric shapes reminiscent of early computer graphics. As the name Neon Staxx implies, they are outlined in glowing neon accents. Coin denominations can be set at several levels from 0.01 to 0.10, and players can bet up to 10 coins per spin.

Stacking Symbols a Key Feature

With 40 paylines and only eight payline symbols in play, Neon Staxx already gives players better odds at creating matches from the four windows on each reel than many other slots. The Super Staxx feature adds even more winning possibilities. All the payline symbols can arrive in long stacks, filling two, three, or even all four positions on a reel, and one symbol is randomly selected to appear stacked at the start of each spin. Matching stacks that line up on adjacent reels from Reel 1 can thus trigger multiple payline prizes at once.

In base play, even Neon Staxx’s low-value card symbols, J to A, have this ability. These are also drawn as geometric fonts, similar to early computer graphics, although jazzed up with a metallic sheen and neon outline. Js and Qs share matching prize values, as do the Ks and As. Because the game offers more frequent matches, these prizes are less impressive than they could be. Five Ks or As, for example, win only 25X the line bet.

Predator Symbols Win Better Prizes

The higher value Neon Staxx symbols all depict predators from the wild, illustrated in stylised geometric shapes and blocky colours. There is a blue cobra, a purple eagle, a red jaguar and a yellow-and-orange lion. Like the lower-value Neon Staxx symbols, they require at least three matches in succession on the same payline, starting at Reel 1, to win prizes. For five of a kind, these four icons win respective prizes of 40X, 50X, 75X and 100X the line bet.

During free spins rounds, the selection of symbols that are randomly designated as Super Staxx is limited to the predator icons, so adjacent stacks in this round can score some impressive prizes.

Wild and Scatter Round Out Symbols

The Neon Staxx Wild and Scatter symbols also employ simple geometry mixed with shiny metallic finishes. Gold and silver rings bearing the word Wild can substitute for any payline icons to finish off winning combos. Three, four or five Wild symbols in succession from Reel 1 on the same payline also win a bonus prize: 15X, 30X or 200X the line bet.

The Neon Staxx Scatter symbol wins no prizes in its own right, but three or more in any reel windows trigger the free spins round. The Scatter is a pink pyramid inside a green jade circle, and when it activates the bonus feature, players get 10, 15 or 20 free spins, depending on whether the triggering spin produced three, four or five Scatters.

Napoleon Boney Parts

Amusing Napoleon Boney Parts Online Slot

As the name suggests, the online slot Napoleon Boney Parts from NextGen Gaming is a parody of the famous French general and emperor. It has a somewhat ghoulish sense of humour, with the reels flanked by skeletal French soldiers standing on a mound of skulls, while bones and skulls feature prominently in the game symbols too. This is only fitting, when one considers the hundreds of thousands killed by Napoleon’s wars in Europe. The same mix of upbeat and ghastly is maintained in the music and sound effects.

Players can bet on any number of paylines from 1 to 25, and Napoleon Boney Parts features five reels with three windows each. Players can bet from 0.01 to 25.00 per line, so Napoleon Boney Parts caters to all pockets. Aside from the grisly mountain of skulls and a concussed seagull, the rest of the backdrop is a rather pretty view of a sun-drenched blue bay.

Interactive Boney Parts Feature Triggered by Wilds

A skeleton of Napoleon himself, one hand tucked characteristically into his jacket, is the Napoleon Boney Parts’ Wild symbol, appearing only on Reel 2, 3 or 4. It has the usual substitution function, able to replace any symbol except the Scatter to round off a winning combo.

However, three Wilds in any windows on all three Reels 2, 3 and 4 simultaneously also trigger the Napoleon Boney Parts bonus game on a second screen. In the Boney Parts Feature, players are shown Napoleon’s full skeleton, and must steal bones from it to reveal instant prizes. The player gets three selections, and if they can make the entire skeleton collapse, they win an even bigger prize.

Logo Activates the Free Spins

The Napoleon Boney Parts game logo, a coat of arms embellished with a skull and crossed thighbones, does duty as the Scatter. Two or more in any windows win the player an instant multiple of the entire bet staked: X2, X5, X15 or X100.

Three or more Scatters anywhere will activate the Napoleon Boney Parts Free Games Feature. The player is granted 10 free spins, and any prizes they win during this round are doubled.

Ten More Payline Symbols in Play

Napoleon Boney Parts uses 10 ordinary payline symbols to complete its icon set. Six of these are the bog-standard Poker icons taken from a card deck: 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. Although they’re designed in bright colours and an ornate classic font that vaguely calls to mind the Napoleonic era, they’re not particularly wedded to the theme. They are arranged in pairs with matching values, which are also within the standard slots range: wins start at 5 coins for three 9s or 10s, rising as high as 150 coins for five As or Js.

Two of the medium-value symbols also share matched values: a map plotting the invasion of England, and a squad of skeletal French soldiers. For three, four or five matches, each wins 15, 25 or 200 coins, respectively. A warship fashioned from bones and a skeletal Empress Josephine, waving her hero goodbye, complete the symbols, and they both win prizes for two matches or better. For five matches, the ship pays 2,000 coins and Josephine, 5,000.

LoL eSports betting

Comparison Sites for LoL eSports Betting

LoL eSports betting comparison sites systematically scan the World Wide Web in order to provide punters with the very best eSports betting bonuses available at any point in time. They make the proper tools available, which allow bettors to get a hold of all the most important data, and details that permit punters to make their most informed choice when it comes to this kind of wagering.

The experts in the employ of a good LoL eSports betting comparison site will have weighed up all of the factors necessary to find the best place to start laying wagers, including games; betting bonuses; popular betting markets and odds; and betting offers. Punters are able to browse the information at hand in order to compare all of the free bets; on going special promotions; and offers from a number of different sites that provide them with the opportunity to lay bets on the outcome of League of Legends tournaments.

Making Use of LoL eSports Betting Comparison Tools

The LoL eSports betting market, and that of eSports generally has really taken off in the past few years, and bettors from all over the globe are trying their hand at boosting their bankrolls in this manner. This is the reason for the comparison tools suddenly available, and these provide data for bettors looking for answers about this burgeoning market.  These tools allow punters to resolve the questions they may have about the different betting types; processes; and general how-to information, and can provide invaluable help to bettors of any level of experience.

The ratings which are provided for LoL eSports betting sites take a number of different factors into consideration, including:

  • Games

The range is taken into account, as is the variety of games within tournaments and championships. Generally, the more attention an eSport type is garnering, the more money the punter is likely to be able to make from betting on it.

  • Bonus offers

For anyone starting their LoL eSports betting journey, the bonus is a crucial factor. These are the best way for bettors to start getting involved in this exciting online industry, and excellent advice is provided on how to make the best use of these.

  • Popular betting markets and odds

The types of wagers that an operator offers can tell a great deal about how much they know about the world of LoL eSports betting. Those which offer more exotic bets are more likely to offer higher stake odds and allow their bettors to cash in big, and it is vital that operators actually follow the competitions; players; community and games in order to provide the best of these to their punters.

LoL eSports Betting at Licensed Sites

Operator licenses are a vital part of the scene, and punters need to ensure that the bookmaker they are placing a bet with is a regulated, legitimate bookmaking site. These are obliged to toe the line, and have to follow certain rules and regulations that will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Comparison sites can ensure that all the necessary requirements are in place and help keep punters safe.

Britains Got Talent Superstar

Britains Got Talent Superstar Slot Is Based on The Famous Television Show

Britains Got Talent is a talent show that has become so popular it has been licensed to many different countries, and is now shown in over one hundred different formats all over the world. It certainly made plenty of money for the owners of the show as well as the networks that aired the series. Britains Got Talent Superstar is a slot game by Playtech, and takes this popular show to the online casinos.

Britains Got Talent Superstar has five reels and twenty pay lines. You can choose to play as many of the pay lines as you wish, but the more pay lines you play the bigger will be your winnings, even with a small stake on each pay line. You can of course go the high roller route for a chance to win huge prizes, and place the maximum bet on each line.

Symbols Are from The Television Series

The slot game is presented as a stage show, and there are bright lights at the top of the stage. All the symbols from the show are present in the Britains Got Talent Superstar slot game. The Wild symbol is the Union Jack flag, and if you land five of them you will be paid out a staggering ten thousand coins. The next highest payout of one thousand five hundred coins is for the appearance of the silhouette of a woman holding a microphone.

The Union Jack Wild can also replace any other symbols in the game that are missing in a possible winning combination, except for the Scatter and the Bonus symbol. The Scatter symbol is a large Star, and the Britains Got Talent Superstar Logo is the bonus symbol. The lower value symbols are the traditional playing cards, from ten through to the Ace.

The Live Bonus Round

When the correct symbols appear on reels one, three or five, the Live Bonus Round will be activated.

The first part of the Live Bonus round in Britains Got Talent Superstar is a simple pick me bonus, where you get to choose the type of act you want by spinning the wheel. There are three different acts, presented in silhouette form, including a Musical Act, a Dance Act and a Novelty Act. Any of these acts can generate a random win for you, which could be up to one thousand times your initial stake.

In the second part of this bonus round, your act has made it to the finals of the show, and you now have the goal to be the ultimate winner. The game has a meter that records the applause of the crowd, and this unlocks bigger cash prizes the higher the meter reads. There are several stages your act has to go through, and that includes the Audition, the Semi Final, and at last the Final, if you manage to progress without being rejected by all four judges. The further your act advances, the bigger will be your multiplier.

A Free Spins Bonus Round

Britains Got Talent Superstar also offers players a free spins bonus round. This is activated by the appearance of three or more Star Scatters on reels two, four or five. The maximum number of free spins you can win is twenty, but there are some sticky Wilds that appear at random and remain on the reels throughout the free spins bonus round. This can mean some really large winnings.

Britains Got Talent Superstar produces some entertaining action, and plenty of big prizes.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing Betting Thrills Available Online

Perhaps because it’s the Sport of Kings, Horse Racing holds a perennial attraction for punters who enjoy sports betting action. For a modest wager, they get to rub shoulders with royalty, and perhaps even enjoy the reward of a champagne night out. That’s before we even consider the sheer visceral thrill of watching huge, powerful animals in peak condition thundering down the track. For sports betting excitement, a day at the races is hard to beat.

Horse Racing is also a sport found the world over; in Europe and Africa, Asia and Australasia, and both Americas. It’s hard to think of a prominent world city that doesn’t boast at least one prestigous Horse Racing club, and in countries where the sport is really popular, it isn’t unusual to find a major city with several rival tracks serving multitudes of willing punters. It’s universal popularity makes Horse Racing a leader in another side of sports betting that has only won mass appeal over the past decade or so: betting online.

Online Sports Betting Brings Unlimited Choice

The biggest attraction to online sports betting for many Horse Racing fans is the options it offers. Nothing can replace the sights, sounds and smells of actually being at the track among thousands of other punters, but on the downside, this limits a racing fan to just one race card at a time. Online, playing at legally registered sites, many of them owned and operated by trusted land-based betting chains with solid reputations, punters can place bets on Horse Racing meetings taking place all over the world.

Mobile betting sites are the latest innovation enabled by the ever-advancing Internet, so punters are not even restricted to their desktops or laptops anymore. With a smartphone or tablet, they can log on to their favourite betting sites from wherever they have a 4G connection, and bet on any Horse Racing action that takes their fancy, anytime they like.

Taking Preliminary Precautions

There are hundreds of online horse racing betting sites competing for punters, and they don’t all subscribe to the same standards of fairness and customer service. As with all activities that combine money and the Internet, punters need to take some basic precautions when searching for somewhere to bet online. As already mentioned, some trustworthy global brands have an online presence, and any other reputable betting sites will be licensed in jurisdictions known to have strict regulations that protect punters.

Secure encryption is vital to protect banking transactions, so would-be punters should also check for a certificate on the site’s home page that indicates their security software is up to date. Online review pages that rate betting sites are a useful resource, if a punter wants to see what others are saying about a particular site.

Legal Issues are the Punter’s Responsibility

The legal position also varies from country to country; some allow land-based Horse Racing betting only, some have no restrictions on online sports betting, and others might restrict punters to sites licensed in specific territories.

It is, of course, a punter’s responsibility to ensure they have legal access to a sports betting site before they register or place any wagers on Horse Racing. Legal status becomes particularly important in the event of any disputes with the betting site.

Hopeman Cup

The Hopeman Cup Tennis Tournament

In the world of international tennis, the Davis Cup and the Federation Cup are annual tennis tournaments for international competitors in men’s and woman’s tennis. Following a similar format, the Hopeman Cup is the unique tournament which combines men and woman into teams representing their country. The tournament is a sanctioned event by the ITF but does not take individual player rankings into consideration.

The origins of the Hopeman cup date back to the late 1980’s when three Australian players discussed the idea of holding an international mixed-gender tennis competition in Perth. It was designed to showcase world tennis talent in both men’s and woman’s divisions. Fronted by Tennis champ Pat Cash, the competition was to be named in honour of Harry Hopeman, the Australian Davis Cup legend. After receiving the endorsement of the ITF and Mrs Lucy Hopeman, the inaugural competition was held in 1989 with Pat Cash and Steffi Graf playing as headline acts.

The Hopeman Cup Mixed-Gender Format

Since 1989, the Hopeman Cup has been played every year in Perth in early January. The competition receives extensive media coverage and is a considered to be an important lead-up tournament to the famous Australian Open. Eight nations are selected to compete in the competition with one male and one female player representing their nation as a team. The eight competing teams are split into two groups of four which face off in a round-robin format. Each team plays one individual men’s match, one individual woman’s match and one mixed doubles match to move to the next round.

The top-placed team in each group meet up to play in the final of the Hopeman Cup. The Winners are presented with a silver cup trophy and individual trophies. The individual trophies consist of a diamond-encrusted gold tennis racket and ball with an approximate value of $26,000. Australia are the most recent winners, claiming the 2016 title for the first time in 17 years.

Hopeman Cup Tennis Bets

The Hopeman Cup offers bettors ample opportunity to visit tennis betting sites in Australia throughout the competition. Before the event has even taken place, bettors can place bets on which countries will nations will be selected to take part in the competition. This involves placing a bet on a specific country that will compete. Once the competition is under way, bettors can place bets on individual matches in all three categories including men’s matches, woman’s matches and the mixed doubles matches.

Placing a bet on an individual match can be difficult as each matchup brings different competitors to the table with different strengths and weaknesses. The most commonly placed tennis bet in the Hopeman Cup is the outright winner. This is a bet on which nation or team will win the trophy in the finals. To add to this, there are a full list of exotic tennis bets that can be placed on any single match. The exotic bets include bets on which player will win the first set, which player will score the first ace, if the first, second or third set will be a tie-breaker and how many sets will be played in the match.

FIFA World Cup

Top Sport Betting with FIFA World Cup

There are certain sporting events that rather transcend the realms of sport betting in that punters who would otherwise not necessarily follow the sport tend to pay attention for that period and often also a few bets. One such event is the FIFA World Cup which is the biggest sporting event the world over. Most every nation contends in some form or the other to be part of this massive event and even though it takes place only every four years this tournament tends to bring most sporting punters out of the wood work and looking for a wager. Overall the football platform also offers up a range of betting through its rather particular and straightforward gameplay.

Whilst the specifics of the FIFA World Cup will still be further discussed, to get everyone on board with what it is all about, there are a fair few other parts of this online betting puzzle that also require some degree of attention on this topic. An important thing to remember in this regard is that the betting system found attached to each of the different sporting games and events is largely influenced by the gameplay and structure of the game in question, meaning that a firm understanding for the game punters are betting on can become rather crucial should said punters want to be effective.


Learning the Game and the Betting Attached

To start things off on this sports betting analysis one has to go back to the roots of the game involved and start forming an idea of what it’s all about. In this regard punters should largely watch some of the game involved, which is to say football, in order to fully get the hang of the dynamics involved and perhaps a favourite team in which to follow more persistently and even place misguided wagers upon. The FIFA World Cup first began in 1930 and since then has produced a world champion every four years, a total of 20 titles with a few missing from the 1940s. Overall though this event is broadcast pretty much everywhere around the world and has the highest viewership of any sporting event.

Though the history and structure of this FIFA World Cup is certainly interesting and does add a little something to the betting process, however for the most part it is the online soccer world cup betting itself and how it relates to the punters that they will care for the most. The betting for each sport is based on the sport itself and so with football the common bets include the like of bets on the winner, the top players, other various bets on the results and even a few spot bets to make the whole thing a little more interesting.


Closing Remarks on Football Betting Online

There are a lot of aspects involved in sports betting, especially when its targeting a specific event from said sport. Fortunately the majority of these aspects are rather intuitive to the process and as mentioned above this same system is largely linked to the sport involved as well, meaning that the more familiar punters are with the sport they are betting on like with FIFA World Cup betting, the better the result in the end.

Federation Cup

Betting on the Federation Cup at Online Bookmakers

Although not the first on the list of popular tennis events, the Federation Cup has seen an increase in interest from punters every year since online betting first became an option. Thanks to the fact that matches are played all through the calendar year, shrewd tennis punters are able to snap up regular value betting opportunities with ease. The sports betting guides available online are able to help punters find out how best to take advantage of the many opportunities online betting provides, and are able to help punters enhance their chances of making good returns from the bets they place on this annual tennis tournament.

Online bookmakers are providing an ever-widening array of markets for big events like the Federation Cup, and punters can look forward to a good selection of bet types whenever they are interested in getting into the game. Not only that, thanks to how extraordinarily popular online betting is becoming, the competition between online bookmakers is heating up, and players are able to take advantage of a good many promotional offers whenever they make their way on to the World Wide Web to win.

The Federation Cup Hosts the Best Athletes

Both the Davis Cup and the Federation Cup are presided over by the International Tennis Federation, or ITF, which is also the host of the Grand Slam tennis events, as well the tennis tournament that takes place during the Olympic Games. In terms of popularity, the ITF recently announced that these events now attract more than 700 000 paying spectators, and are reaching more than three billion people by means of television coverage.

Tennis betting in New Zealand online like that which takes place during the Federation Cup is now ranking just below soccer in terms of popular online sports betting options, and is generating extraordinary amounts of traffic and business at online bookmakers.

Although the four Grand Slam events, the Australian Open; French Open; Wimbledon; and US Open, will always dominate in terms of popularity with both spectators and punters, the Federation Cup is managing to hold its own, thanks to the fact that the world’s best athletes are featured in the matches that make it up. The skill of these players is something to marvel at, and how close the competitions usually are make for some splendid betting opportunities for punters to take advantage of whenever they go online.

The Structure and Format of the Federation Cup

Punters who enjoy tennis; team sports; and international sporting events love the Federation Cup. Nothing is able to bring the best out of a player more than competing as part of a national team, and fierce rivalries the 16 countries that make up the World Group and World Group II are something to behold.

This tennis tournament allows players to take a break from focussing only on themselves and enjoy the game as part of a team, with these going out of their way to represent their country in this illustrious event, with some choosing to take part despite injuries that make performing at their best problematic.